Since formation, Maestro Soccer have provided quality, professional soccer coaches the opportunity to work on a full time basis with players in the North-East of the USA who enjoy the game. It is our fundamental belief that it is not the most talented players that succeed in the long term but those who are most willing to apply themselves.

Maestro Soccer aim to continue matching clubs, parent coaches, teams and most importantly players with professional trainers who can foster an environment where young people can develop as players but most importantly as people. We aim that all players that train under a Maestro Soccer trainer will be able to take with them memories and lessons that will help them in their everyday life long after they leave the playing field.

We are now established as one of the premier soccer training organizations in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. We are a small, specialized training organization, committed to providing quality and continuity to travel team training throughout the area. We provide specialist, professional trainers in order to guarantee the highest level of service for Maestro Soccer; our staff are full-time professionals, not just seasonal staff.


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