Maestro Soccer offers high-quality team training on a year-round basis, designed to aid and facilitate the development of teams and players throughout their youth soccer ‘career.’

The basis of our quality is level of training. With Maestro Soccer, you can feel comfortable that you are utilizing the service of a professional staff trainer, not just an inexperienced coach. We believe that level of training is critical to long-term development of players.

We can offer the following services to your travel team or club:

Game Day Coaching

Employ a Maestro Professional to guide the game day coaching; prepare the team with a warm up and pre-game instruction, provide feedback during the game and establish / modify tactics during the game. Maestro trainers are available on a full-time (every game) or a part-time (specific number) basis.

Travel Team Training

Available for weekly, twice-weekly or thrice-weekly training sessions, our professional trainers will design and implement a structured, age appropriate and motivating training curriculum for your team. We encourage close relationships between coach and trainer, to ensure communication lines are open and constantly used to give feedback and guidance to the development of the players.


Take the hassle out of the most important single event in your club’s calendar; have the professionals at Maestro Soccer organize and run the club’s tryout process. Our template for player assessment has been consistently proven to provide accurate, impartial tryout results.


For more information on our programs or to discuss how your club can work with Maestro Soccer:

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